Anonymous User getting 401 Unauthorized error in OOTB WebParts in SharePoint 2013- Enable Limited-access user permission lockdown mode feature

Hello SharePointers,

We are using the Content Search Web Part in one of our SharePoint site and we need to have enable the anonymous users access also. Being the public facing internet site, Anonymous access is the mandate for us.This is a tricky situation for you, you need to have both anonymous access to the SharePoint site and you should prevent the user from accessing any application pages.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013, comes up with a new feature named “Limited-access user permission lockdown mode feature“. It has to be activated at Site Collection Level. Below are the steps given below

1. Navigate to Site settings

2. Under Site Collection Administration section Go to Site Collection Features

3.Activate the Limited -access user Permisson lockdown mode feature.

Now the question comes to our mind is how are we going to achieve the same in SharePoint 2010? yeah we can achieve the limiting permission on SharePoint applications pages by using the feature Limited Access User Lock Down feature in SharePoint 2010.

Happy SharePointing folks 🙂

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