How to add Crawled Properties in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

In this post, I would like to give the list of steps to create crawled properties manually by using Powershell commands. Please read my article about Crawled Properties to understand it in a better way. Crawled properties are created by Crawling process. Suppose assume  that, you don’t want to wait for the crawling time to happen , you can add it manually by the following steps.

In this example, I have created a crawled property name “ows_CustomColumn” and its managed property name is Custom Column.


New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -Category SharePoint -IsNameEnum $false -Name “ows_CustomColumn” -PropSet 00130329-0000-0130-c000-000000131346 -SearchApplication “Search Service Application” -VariantType 0

New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name “CustomColumn” -SearchApplication “Search Service Application” -Type 1 -Queryable $true -Retrievable $true

$crawled= Get-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -SearchApplication “Search Service Application” “ows_CustomColumn|

$managed = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -SearchApplication “Search Service Application” -Identity “CustomColumn”

Happy SharePoint Folks!! Hope it helps you!!

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