How to Change Date Format in SharePoint 2013

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In today’s world, Business/Power Users can access SharePoint anywhere in the world. In SharePoint 2013, Date format is very different from what we have it in SharePoint 2010. There are two types of Date format available in SharePoint 2013.

1. Standard


You have to Navigate to Column Setting of the Particular date column. From Display Format you can choose either Standard or Friendly. Friendly Format gives the same feel of SharePoint 2010. In the above example, we can change the display format at SharePoint library/List level.

If you want to do it at site level then we have to change Regional Settings on the My Site in SharePoint 2013. Regional Settings on My Sites are used to change the Date and Time format on a page based on the country and time zone I will elaborate you all how to change the Regional Settings on My Sites in SharePoint 2013.


  • Go to the About Me menu
  • Click on editing your profile
  • Choose the Language and Region option
  • Under the Language section: In Language Preferences, select the language that you want to use. And click Add to show it on My Display Language.
  • Under the Time Zone section: In Time Zone, select the time zone for your current location.
  • Under the Region section: In Choose your settings, select the Always use my personal settings option. For Locale, select a locale from the list to specify the way sites display numbers, dates, and time.
  • Click Save all

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