How to Change Favicon Icon in SharePoint 2013?

In SharePoint 2013, we can customize the default favicon icon that comes up with the Installation. For those, who don’t know about the Favicon, its the small icon which you see in browser Tab with the web title. You can change it to your organization icon.

You can customize it in the SharePoint Master Page using SharePoint designer. To open Master Page in SharePoint designer, Provide the site URL in the designer and open the page. Try to look out for the  tag SPICON .This is the tag you need to change it which point to the your customized Image.

<sharepoint:spshortcuticon id=”SPShortcutIcon1″ runat=”server” iconurl=”/MYsite/Style%20Library/sitename/favicon.ico”/>

Here ,IconUrl is the property you need to change. You can upload the New Favicon Icon in your style library and provide the path as above.

Hope it helps everyone!! Happy Share Pointing 🙂

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