How to Clear Client People Picker in SharePoint 2013?

Client People Picker is newly introduced in SharePoint 2013. People picker is a SharePoint Control to browse and select the sharepoint users or groups in an organisation or Active Directory. The client people picker is an HTML and JavaScript control that provides cross-browser support.

A client side People picker has the following four components.

  1. An input text box – To Enter names for users, groups, and claims.
  2. A span control  -To Show the names of resolved users, groups, and claims.
  3. A hidden div element – To autofills a drop-down box.
  4. An autofill control.

In this article , I will discuss about the clearing the Client Side People Picker using jquery. Below is the code to clear the client side people picker.

// Get the instance of the People Picker from the Dictionary

var spclientPeoplePicker = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict[_PeoplePickerTopId]; 

if (spclientPeoplePicker) {

//Get the Resolved Users list from Client People Picker
var ResolvedUsers = $(document.getElementById(spclientPeoplePicker.ResolvedListElementId)).find(“span[class=’sp-peoplepicker-userSpan’]”);

//Clear the Client People Picker

$(ResolvedUsers).each(function (index) {



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