How to OverCome limitations of uploading 2 MB File limit in SharePoint Using CSOM?

Hello SharePointers,

In SharePoint Online, 2013, 2016 environments , we can  use CSOM to upload files into document library. While uploading Large files, there is a limitation of 2 MB . To overcome this, we can use the below CSOM script.

The below method will allows you to upload upto 10 MB.

public void UploadDocumentusingContentStream(ClientContext cc, string libraryName, string filePath)

Web web = cc.Web;

using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open))
FileCreationInformation NewFile = new FileCreationInformation();

// using ContentStream property
fNewFile.ContentStream = fs;
NewFile.Url = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(filePath);
NewFile.Overwrite = true;

List docs = web.Lists.GetByTitle(“My Documents”);
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File uploadFile = docs.RootFolder.Files.Add(flciNewFile);


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