How to Redirect to Thank You Page after Infopath Submission in SharePoint 2013?

Hi SharePointers,

In SharePoint 2013, Infopath forms can be submitted to a SharePoint Form Library. Info path are fully driven by rules and actions. This a common requirement where you need to redirect to Thank you on successful submission of a Infopath form to a SharePoint library. I would give out the list of the steps to achieve the same.

  1. Create a New View  named “Thank You Page” from Page Design Tab in Info Path Form designer 2013.
  2. Add a Title named”Thank You Form”
  3. Provide a Thank you Message.

Now go back to the Main form where you have “Submit button”.

Add a new rule in your submit button after submit connection such as “Switch to View” and select the newly designed View”Thank You Page”. That’s It!! Your Thank you page will work like a charm.

Happy SharePointing Folks! Hope it helps you friends.!!

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