How to show pictures from Image Library in SharePoint 2010?

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If you want to show images from picture library in a custom web part,we can use a Server side object model to achieve this business requirement. In this article, I will give you a piece of code to display images form the Image Library. Image Library is a document library which is used to store images with meta data contents such as Title,Description and Image.


SPWeb spweb= SPContext.Current.Web;

//Get the Image Library in the SharePoint 2010

SPPictureLibrary pictures = (SPPictureLibrary)spweb.Lists[“MY Custom Photos”];
int imageCount= pictures.ItemCount;
string picsource = spweb.Url + “/” + pictures.Items[0].Url;

//Create a Image object and set the height and width

var image = new Image();
image.ImageUrl = picsource ;
image.Height = 200;

image.Width =200;

//Add this control in the Sharepoint web part page.

The above piece of code should be added to the createchildcontrols() method.

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