List of SharePoint 2013 Search Databases

Hi SharePointers,

SharePoint 2013 Search has been very powerful compared to the prior versions. Microsoft had always made great emphasis on improving performance of  Search Functionality when compared to Previous versions( In our case, SharePoint 2010). In SharePoint 2013, when you configure the Search Service application, the following four databases will be created.

  1. Administration database – It stores SharePoint Search service configuration and access control list
  2. Analytics Reporting Database – Responsible for usage analytics reports. You are right. In sharepoint 2013, Analytics comes under Search component.
  3. Crawl Database – It stores Crawling information
  4. Link Database  – It stores information about Content Processing Component.


In case , if you want to know about SharePoint 2010 Databases, here are they given below.

  1. Search Service Admin Database
  2. Search Service Crawl Database
  3. Search Metadata Database

Happy SharePointing Folks 🙂

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