Survey App is missing in Sharepoint 2013/ Office 365?

Hello SharePointers,

In SharePoint 2013, Survey is an app which can be installed at site level. SharePoint survey can be used to answer to the list of questions from each and every individual users which can later be used as a feedback to improve the business. SharePoint Survey has the following data fields which can be used to create a survey.

1. Single Line of Text

2.Multiple Lines of Text


4.Rating Scale


6. Currency

7.Date and Time

8.Managed Metadata

9.Look up


11.Person or Group

12.Page Separator

13.External data

When you try to add a survey app, if you find that it is missing, we need to enable a feature named Collobaration list to add survey app. Here are the lists to activate the feature

1.Go to Site Settings from Site Actions

2.Navigate to Site features

3.Find Team Collaboration list Feature and activate it.

Now you see the survey app can be searchable and you can add it. Happy SharePointing folks 🙂

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