What are the differences between Search features in SharePoint 2010 vs 2013/Office 365

Microsoft is enhancing it search features after each and every Release. In SharePoint 2010 we had the choice between regular SharePoint Search and FAST.In Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 Search,Microsoft has taken the best of both approach.It’s now called ‘SharePoint Search’ but with all that FAST features baked in.

Here are the major three Search differences between SP 2010 and  SP 2013/Office 365 environment. The following changes are already made in our development environment in terms of Search Implementation.

1. User Context in 2010 has been implemented with the help of User segment in Office 365 environment

2. Best or Visual Bets in 2010 has been implemented with the help of Promoted results in office 365 environment


3. Keywords and Synonyms has been achieved with the help of Query Rules.

Potentially, only the technical terms have changed from SP 2010 to SP 2013 with lot of more additional features in SP 2013 to make the search seamless and powerful one.

Here are the Microsoft Links which clearly depicting the SP 2013 search additional features


Happy Share Pointing Folks 🙂

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