What is Document ID Service in Sharepoint 2013/Office 365?

In this article, we will learn bout Document ID service feature in Sharepoint 2013/Office 365. This will sign  unique document ID for ech nd every document present in  document library. Later, you can work on thee document in the document library even if they re moved from one site to another site.

Steps to Enable Document ID service are

1.Go to site setting

2. Navigate to site Collection feature.

3. Find the Document ID service feature and activate it.

 Once you enable this feature , you will find Document ID setting under site collection administrator section. You can work with assign ID’ section with your prefix name.

There re two job which re responsible for signing document id to ll the document t the site colleciton level.

1.Document ID enable/disable Job.

2.Document ID assignment Job.

These jobs are scheduled jobs which run only once in  day. we can run it manually if we need immediate result.

Happy Sharepointing Folks!!!

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