What is Item Scheduling in SharePoint 2013? How to Enable it through PowerShell

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Today , I m going to share an interesting feature of SharePoint named Item Scheduling. Lets say you have to show the particular document library only for specific time frames or between two intervals or between start date and end date. In that case, Item Scheduling is the feature you need to enable either through UI or Powershell.

In a way, the item scheduling is summed as to control the document when a document is displayed and when not to.

 Enable Item scheduling in SharePoint 2013 through UI

1. Open the SharePoint Site and Navigate to Document Library Setting.

2. Click on the Manage Item Scheduling.

3.Provide Start date and End date

Thats it!! Simple isn’t ??! There is an important thing you need to keep in mind that Version for the document library should be enabled to activate Item Scheduling.

Enable Item Scheduling in SharePoint 2013 using Powershell

$SPSite=Get-SPSite “http://mysite:1010

Write-Host “Enabling the ItemScheduling – ” $SPSite.Title

$SPList = $SPSite.Lists[“Shared Documents”]

$SPList.EnableModeration = $true

$SPList.EnableMinorVersions = $true

$SPList .Update()

# To enable Scheduling in the list

Feel free to ask for any clarifications with respect to Item scheduling. I will try to answer to best of my knowledge folks 🙂

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